Our Services

Cavehill Consulting aims to be more than just a source for CV’s and potential job opportunities. We operate across Ireland, the UK, EU, USA, South Africa & Asia, with ongoing plans to expand. Our goal is to be a complete consultancy service from providing candidates with CV reviews,  to providing clients with full market maps. If it is within our possible remit, we are happy to have a conversation to understand if we can assist.

Our Services for Clients

Retained & Contingency Search

We currently specialize in the actuarial market, starting from Part Qualified roles all the way up to Head of Actuarial Function. All Actuarial and/or C-Suite level vacancies are sourced for.

Permanent, Fixed Term, or Interim Candidate Supply

We represent candidates seeking Permanent, Fixed Term and Interim opportunities across the UK, Ireland & mainland EU. We also currently represent candidates from Johannesburg, Hong Kong & New York.

Specific Headhunting Projects

Be it as broad as a certain level of candidate or as detailed as a specific person, maybe even a full team from a competitor, we will work with you to get the right people for your business.

Reference/Background/Employment History Checks

We understand how important these checks are when recruiting a new candidate. We can provide these specific checks during the interview/offer process.

Market Maps

Providing an overview of the number of candidates in a specific market. We can focus this by role, geographically, qualification level, experience, competitors etc.

Salary Surveys

Helping ensure your current team and new hires are remunerated at the correct levels. We can provide an up-to-date market survey based on the candidates we represent/the overall active market. This can also be divided into qualification & geographical level.

Process Review

We can work with HR and line management to help improve the interview process, securing the correct candidates as quickly, yet effectively as possible. This may involved job specification redevelopment, qualification/experience review and/and interview process review.

Job Specification Modification or Development

We appreciate the time it can take to develop a job specification. We can provide examples that can help get your specification ready and attract the right candidate(s). The more information (specific to the role), the better.

Interim Candidate Management

We represent a vast number of highly qualified actuarial and additional discipline interim professionals. We can manage these relevant candidates within your projects including insurances, payroll etc.

Client Events

Cavehill Consulting aims to host specific actuarial events throughout the year. These gatherings will be in relation to core topics affecting the market & will include industry speakers and on occasion celebrity speakers. This will include a focused, motivational Q&A session, whilst also imparting their specialist actuarial knowledge and expertise.

Our Services for Candidates

Full CV Development & Review

We can help you modify your CV or completely redo it to fit your relevant experience. We can also tailor it to look more attractive to any desired vacancies you are in the process of applying/interviewing for.

Full Market Coverage

We represent the vast majority of the Irish, UK, and EU-based insurance sector and related clients. We can also present your details to our trusted business partners in the USA, Asia, and South Africa where they can assist you in exploring those markets if you so choose!

Profile Marketing

We would NEVER send your CV anywhere without your permission. This is a huge breach of GDPR. Morally, we wouldn’t do that either. What we can do (on agreement) is design a profile based on your experience. We then market this to our clients to ensure you are considered by ALL relevant clients in your specifically chosen geographical area.

Interview Preparation

Want to do a mock interview to guarantee interview success? We can arrange that! We will also provide as much relevant attainable information as possible regarding the role, client, team & interview process. We’re here to help!

Interview Feedback

We always aim to provide as much detailed interview feedback as possible. We will produce an evaluation based on any feedback from the client and review it with you.

Interview Review

If by chance you are not successful, we will work with you to find the best ways to improve your chances the next time around, also using feedback from any previous interviews undertaken with us.

Offer Management

We will always aim to get you the best possible offer available, also ensuring our client (your new company!) is happy with the offer and is within the agreed budget.

Counteroffer Management

We understand how hard it can be when it comes to the crunch of leaving your current employer. We are here to make this transition as smooth as possible and aid you in any way we can.

Relocation Assistance

Some clients can and do provide relocation assistance, some clients can not and do not. We will collaborate with you as best as possible to help your move to whichever area/country you are due to commence employment in.

Ongoing Engagement

Whether you are successfully placed with one of our clients or not, we will continue to check in to see how you are and if there is anything we can do to help. Don’t worry, we won’t pester you, we are here when you need us!

Help a Friend

Do you know someone in your network who is also looking for a role? They don’t have to be the same discipline as you. Feel free to refer them to Cavehill Consulting, we will ensure when they are successfully placed you get a handsome referral fee for helping your friend.

Candidate Events

Throughout the year, Cavehill Consulting will be hosting specific events that may be of interest to you! These social gatherings will be brought to you on a technical update level, with industry guest speakers imparting their knowledge. There will also be market information, but the goal is to provide an informal atmosphere to catch up, share ideas and celebrate success. We aim to host these gatherings twice a year, Summer & Christmas.