Our main focus is the recruitment of Actuarial professionals. However, we also work on specific headhunting projects within the FS sectors.

Cavehill Consulting represents those that are Part Qualified up to Head of Actuarial Function + level candidates at present.

We represent clients in Consultancy Practice, Life Insurance, General Insurance, and Reinsurance. We also work with additional clients in the FS Sectors. 

We mainly focus on the Irish, UK, and European (EU) markets. However, we have business partners in the USA, South Africa & Asia who can give you access to these markets.

Yes! The market has never been busier. We are always seeking new candidates for our current and upcoming vacancies.

Yes, of course! This is key to our services. It helps if you can send us a plain MS Word document version (without any graphics etc). It saves us a lot of time. We will work with you to ensure your CV comes across as best as possible, tailoring it to the role(s) you are interested in.

We have not and would NEVER send your CV to any client without your prior permission. This would be a huge breach of GDPR. Also, on an ethical & moral level, it is not what we believe in at Cavehill Consulting. Your details will never go anywhere without your consent.

We can, when agreed, present a profile related to your CV to our key clients to find out if they have any current or upcoming opportunities that may suit you. 

Yes, of course! We can schedule mock interviews with you if this is of interest. We will, as part of the process, ALWAYS ensure you are fully informed with as much relevant information we can provide on the client, company and opportunity before any official conversation commences.

Yes, we aim to provide as much detailed feedback as we can, when we can. We can however only do so when our clients provide this feedback to ourselves.

No! Not at all. This includes any interview preparation & CV construction. We bill our clients on the successful placement of the right candidate, or, in some cases, a percentage up front for retained work.

Yes! This is our job, day in, day out. We routinely speak with actuarial professionals, including information about their salaries.

We will ALWAYS work to secure you the best possible opportunity at the best possible rate, without overpricing you as a candidate. We want to ensure both you and our client are happy.

Generally, it helps in certain circumstances to be exclusive with ourselves. However, we are realists. If another agency is working on a role we are not, and it’s a better fit for you, we will wish you all the best in securing that role.

For the clients we potentially submit you to, representation usually lasts 6 months (on average).

If we have presented your CV or profile for a certain role, you are then represented by us for related roles with this client for a period of usually 6-12 months. This is standard industry practice. 

If a client has accepted your CV from us and that opportunity does not materialize, they should reach out to us on your details if another role arises and is more suitable for you. Again, this is within the 6-12 month timeframe.

Yes, of course! Please do. We offer a referral fee for doing so, once the candidate is successfully placed with one of our clients.